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What is Training and What is Not

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A great deal of people will come and ask me questions about programming. After teaching seminars on Olympic Lifting and realizing that there is a great deal of difference in programming from gym to gym, what the best CrossFit boxes and Weightlifting Clubs have that others don’t is an understanding of the fundamentals of programming.


Coaches love to say “Showing up is the most important part of training.” While I agree that showing up is an important part of training, compared to the alternative of sitting on the couch, if you do not have a solid plan in place on how you are going to get from point A to point B then you are never going to improve. Before most of us started doing CrossFit, Weightlifting, or Powerlifting we either did one of two options:


1. We had the motivation and drive to train on our own. We saw results in that we trained at high intensity. However, at some point, after following a variety of different training programs we eventually plateaued for an extended period of time. We found ourselves doing the same things in the gym over and over that worked previously but were not helping us improve any longer.


2. We decided to hire a personal trainer or coach and something similar occurred yet we still struggled to improve for an extended period of time.


Why do I think these occur? Because most of the coaches out there do not have an extensive knowledge on how to coach, program, or adjust to their athlete’s needs. I used to always be told that anybody can create a crappy workout once. Then they can do that every day. But if it doesn’t fit in with your goals, dreams, and aspirations then at some point you are going to get overly frustrated with your lack of results.


So what is training? It is coming in with a specific goal in mind. You are going to come in and accomplish a specific task that day. This specific task has a reason that you are doing it and performing it to suit your long term goals. Not come in and throw together a mish mash of randomness together. Trust me I’ve been there. If I had it my way I would bench press, clean and jerk, and back squat every single day, and no cardio ever again :). Because I am really good at these exercises! This gave me limited results in some of these exercises but in the long term was less rewarding then a well thought out structured training program. But then I would never do the hundreds of exercises that actually make me stronger and better at these movements.


What most people don’t realize is that there is a great deal of thought and math that goes into all of the programming that you will never see. You won’t see all the intricacies of calculating volume, rep schemes, macrocycles, mesocycles, microcycles, deloading and even more words that can be added to this never ending analysis that is programming. We try to give you the best workouts that will not only help you months from now but years from now. Following the process is the key. Yes there will be plateaus and setbacks. But you have to keep following the process. Trust your coaches, trust your programming, recovery, HAVE FUN and make yourself put in the work day after day to be the best you can be. Again that starts with just showing up, be coachable, have fun with fellow athletes, and make yourself better one day at a time.

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