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Now That The Open Is Over!

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First of all, AMAZING JOB with the CrossFit Open this year and LWC State Championships!  We had a great turnout and awesome support from athletes here at the Box for Friday Night Lights.  Every Friday was a Blast and athletes pushed themselves to new limits. Nothing better than to see people push themselves into unknown territory just for a simple score on a simple WOD. That is why there is something special about the sport of CrossFit no matter who the individual is or their capabilities, CrossFitters do not care we are there with you for every rep.  As an ex Collegiate Athlete and Kinda Pro that is why I do what I do.


Also great job at State Torque Barbell, we had a lot of first timers and we all came with our game faces on which is all I can ask as a coach, that is the beauty and hate with the sport of Weightlifting, you never know how you are going to perform any given day.  That is also why it is so much fun because everyday is a struggle to get better and basically say F**k Y** to the barbell. I know some of us did not perform the way we would have like both on the CrossFit side and Torque Barbell, but that’s Competition!


So how do we Proceed? We learn from our mistakes, grow stronger, and train our asses off.  For those of you who do this for fun, competition, or community, no matter the reason you come here for a great programming, people, comradery, and to achieve your goals.  So please just keep showing up and do the best that YOU can do! Do not worry about anyone else, we are here as coaches and let’s move on to the next year of training and improve ourselves by pushing each other and lets have some fun!


Now lets talk about Programming. This week is a total recovery week, and a focus on technique in weightlifting and progressions for gymnasty movements.  So please follow the programming and don’t do a bunch of extra work!  I promise you starting next week the fun begins. Which brings me to my next point. Next week our new series of programming starts for all programs including: CrossFit, CrossFit Weightlifting, Torque Barbell, Torque Power.


For this to work please do not CHERRY PICK, I am talking about the CrossFitters here!!!!! If there is something in the WOD that you do not like chances are you are not good at them. Embrace getting better one day at a time and just show up. Consistency is key!  To get better at Weightlifting, doing Snatches a few times a month will not get you better.  If you want to get better at Pullups, doing them once a week will NOT make you better.  Take advice from our coaches, every single coach we have is a competitive athlete in  the sport they coach and many were successful at the collegiate level, meaning what?  They know what they are TALKING ABOUT!


For my meathead competition gym rats, meaning my competitive CrossFitters and Weightlifters, for the new programming to work, show up as much as possible. We are embarking on a high frequency training programming. Meaning everyday compliments the next as well as each week is a progression in both intensity and volume.  I am not going to lie it is going to be tough as hell and there will probably be some dark times, but that is part of growing as an athlete if you want to achieve and exceed your goals. I promise you this will work as long as you follow programming, self regulate, use recovery methods, sleep, and EAT LIKE A BEAST!  This is means eat healthy, get your macros and eat like we all know how.


So please come into the box ready to train and ready to get to work.  I have not been this excited to train for a long time, and I hope you are all ready to embrace this as I am, let’s all try something new and push each other. Also because guess what 🙂 weightlifters are now doing a few workouts a week with the CrossFitters!!! Meaning me, Coach Tyler has to as well. It is going to suck, but it is going to be FUN! Please if you have any questions shoot them my way, or just talk to me at the gym. Starting next Monday, April 4th… Let’s get to Work!

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