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Labor Day Weekend is Coming!

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Happy Monday! This week is looking fairly fantastic seeing as this coming weekend is a 3 day weekend! With Labor day coming up and the unfortunate end of summer for so many of you with kiddos heading back to school, I hope you get the chance to enjoy the weather and cook out with some friends and family this weekend!


If you are following a paleo or whole food lifestyle, family gatherings, holidays and BBQ’s may stress you out. Here are a few tips I have for you to survive this holiday weekend with minimal stress and maximum success!


      1. Prepare! Offer to make a dish to pass that is something you can eat. People won’t say no to food – even if it is healthy. Also, be sure to eat a bit before you go. This will help curb your cravings and will hopefully put you in a better place to say “no” to those foods that will be hard to walk away from with on an empty stomach. Remember to bring your own meat as well! Make some kabobs or just bring some chicken breasts to grill up – just remember to bring enough to share!
      2. Eating at BBQ’s is easier than you may thing. Burgers and hot dogs are all typically gluten free (though, I can just about guarantee the hot dogs may not be high quality, but definitely a better option than that gluten filled dessert), just skip the bun. Brats are typically OK, but it would be a good idea to ask to see the package if possible, because some do have some gluten filled ingredients. Most gatherings will have raw veggies and some sort of a fruit concoction, so veg out on these great dishes and try to pass on the pasta and potato salads. Meat, Veggies & Fruit – EASY!
      3. Drink plenty of water and try to steer clear of those sugary drinks. Looking for something alcoholic to enjoy? Don’t reach for the hard lemonades or beer, go for some wine or a NorCal Margarita!
      4. Most important – remember that the majority of the time, these gatherings are to socialize, not just to eat. If you focus on your company and having a great time with your friends and family, it won’t make the food nearly as important and it will give you greater control over your situation!

Looking for some resources on some Paleo friendly meals to bring with? Here is a list of some of my favorites:

What’s your favorite side dish at your family gatherings? I cannot wait to share more holiday favorites for me, including a sweet potato dish that is to die for!!!

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