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Humbleness in Programming and How It Helps You?

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Something that I notice when I look at a great deal of boxes programming is that there is some sort of emphasis.  If the box owner likes is an Olympic Weightlifter you can see a great deal of that in the programming when they are getting ready to focus on a competition.  Similar to a runner in which they don’t emphasize strength quite as much but have longer timed METCONs multiple days per week.  What does this mean for you as a programmer?

It means that you need to start being humble in your programming.  CrossFit has created a system that is documented to create great results.  However, we often times tend to specialize in one area of the spectrum or the other.  If we come from a Football background we want to get as strong as possible but tend to avoid those 3 mile long runs when they show up on the daily WOD.  Yet I’ve known distance runners that are afraid of doing strength sessions of workouts.  Being humble in your programming means finding a balance between two different and complex areas to balance.  1.  You need to find a balance in the different movements that you are doing.  There needs to be variations in the movements that you are doing but they need to be repeated enough that your members know how to perform the movement correctly when it shows up in a workout.  The second thing that you need to attempt to balance which I think is often misinterpreted is that you must find balance in what energy system you are using.  Most CrossFit workouts are usually 5 minutes to 20 minutes long.  I have seen very few CrossFit classes that actually does Sprints with a great deal of rest to work the anaerobic glycolysis pathway.  We normally think that this is for “Elite athletes” and I argue this isn’t the case.  There needs to be balance in what energy system you are using throughout the month.  It’s a possibility that you work in phases and some months you do a little bit more aerobic METCONS and some month you vary it with a little bit more anaerobic and that is great.  But over the course of a month, year, or lifetime with CrossFit you should be performing a fairly balanced use of energy pathway and movements.

You have to be humble enough to identify that you cannot do all the things you like to do and that will make your members more fit.  You have to understand and not only preach but program the core principles that CrossFit was built off of.  My last bit of advice is to attempt to seek out experts in fields that you may not be as knowledgeable in.  Taking bits and pieces from these experts and their programming that are more “Sport Specific” and putting them into your workouts can be a great attribute to your programming.  You have to constantly educate yourself so your members can keep growing and progressing to teach their goals in all areas of fitness.

Lastly if you’re an individual athlete or don’t have as much time to make it to the gym my challenge to you is to find a coach.  This is an amazing benefit multiple ways.  It keeps you humble by letting someone else write the program that they see fit because they may see different weaknesses then what you see for yourself.  The second thing it can do is help ease your mind about stressing about the most amazing program that you have written for yourself.  Sometimes an outside perspective can be the best thing to keep you humble in your training and progress towards your fitness goals.