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Back to School – Nutrition Tips

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Happy Monday!

School, Autumn, Football, Cool Weather…
All things that have QUICKLY arrived in the last couple weeks. I, personally, am getting excited about Autumn, but others may be feeling a bit anxious about school time and trying to stay eating as healthy as possible. Summertime seems to be easy for most people. Having the time and ability to control what your family is eating is pretty nice! School brings stress, uncertainty and a whole lot of outside influences. How do you deal with it? Have you taken the time to research and prepare yourself for this school year? I do not personally have kids, yet, but have done quite a bit of research on the topic. Because I don’t have kids, I’m going to give you a list of resources to check out of Paleo parents who have mastered the art of sending their little ones off with healthy lunches and snacks! These tips don’t have to be just for your youngsters, either. These lunch ideas come in quite handy when you (the adult!) need to make a lunch or your teens are just getting started on Paleo!


 Here is a wonderful post to start with to learn about one mom’s experience with Paleo lunches.


Easy lunch idea:


Quick and easy cereal replacement:


Make your own “granola” bars:


Treat day coming up? Fear not! Simply be prepared to send your kiddo to school with some treats of their own so they don’t feel left out. Try some simple Coconut Flour Brownies.


Do you have a dehydrater (an oven on low heat for a long time works too!)? Try dried fruit and jerky for a snack!


Looking for a treat when the kids get home from school? How about a healthy chocolate shake!


How about those lunches??? Think it is impossible to pack a Paleo Lunch Box??? Think again! There are so many ideas for lunches on the NomNomPaleo site!


Looking for more information about getting your kids to eat a more balanced diet? Check out these books:
French Kids Eat Everything
Eat Like a Dinosaur


What are your tips for eating healthy throughout the school year? What is your go-to lunch item for your kiddos?

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