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Athlete of the Month: Mary Beth S.

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Mary Beth has been at CrossFit 1080 since March of 2015 and during that time she has won the hearts of many at the gym with her dedication and friendly demeanor. She has also had many personal accomplishments since joining, we asked her about a few and her answers are here! We also asked her some other questions, our favorite is her least favorite workout response! Congrats to Athlete of the Month, Mary Beth!

What were you doing for exercise before CrossFit?

I worked with a personal trainer for a few months, and then discovered she was a Cross-fitter. Once I ran out of money for a personal trainer I then looked up CrossFit (It took me almost a year to make the phone call to 1080) – I was scared to do it, but liked what the videos showed on YouTube.

When I called they asked me to come in to talk. The coaches assured me it was for everyone and could be scaled to what I could do.

What is your favorite lift?

My Favorites are Bench press, Push Press and deadlift

What are your goals by the end of the year?

My goals have always been for my diabetes to continue to get better (or stay stable) as well as weight loss

What motivates you to keep coming to the gym week after week?

What motivates me is the people and my diabetes (love the people here!) and have discovered that continually working out a min of 3 days a week and eating right keeps my blood glucose stable and at acceptable ranges. I really have not lost any weight but have gotten stronger every day. I continually keep working at finding the right diet for me.

I’m still hoping one day all that muscle will start melting my body fat LOL!! Regardless of weight CrossFit is still a really a healthy thing to keep doing for my overall health (and diabetes) – Besides I love it and the people at 1080!

What are 1 or 2 major accomplishments when it comes to your health and fitness that you’ve experienced since starting at CrossFit 1080?

I have been able to accomplish more consistency with my exercise, dieting and keep my blood glucose numbers at bay. (CrossFit helps keep me accountable)

Between the personal trainer I had previously, and joining CrossFit I was able to get off almost all medications and stay off them!! (I was on meal time insulin, 2 diabetes pills, night time insulin, high blood pressure meds, Cholesterol meds, and acid reflux meds) – I am now only on one diabetes pill (low dose) and take acid reflux meds only on occasion. This has saved me upwards of $250 dollars every 3 months and of course my health is much better!!

Where are you from originally?

I have lived most of my life in Stillwater Mn – we moved from here when I was a child for a little while (still MN) but eventually came back. I also lived part of my adult life in Somerset WI, but then found my way back home to Stillwater again (love it here!) The only place I would consider moving to now is Woodbury (So I could be closer to 1080!)

What do you do for work?

I have worked at 3M since 1984! Started in the plant as an Automotive Graphics Operator, then Customer Service and now the Quality Department for Abrasive Products (taking and entering quality complaints)

What’s your favorite color?

I would not normally say I have a favorite color, but as I look in my closet I’d have to say BLUE (Almost daily I wear something blue). I think I look best in Blue? – I struggle every day to find something in my closet that doesn’t have blue in it, or goes with blue – Weird!

What is your least favorite exercise?

Turkish Get Ups! They make no sense to me and I really have no desire to be a pro at them!! Like Greg said, “When will I need that move? When I get trapped in a cave?”

What would your advice be to someone just starting out CrossFit or that’s thinking about starting?

Do it, Do it, Do it!! It doesn’t matter your age, size, ability. Everything can be scaled to what you can do with where you are today. You will not be disappointed and have never been a part of anything like it!

What’s your favorite food?

REALLY Favorite? I have sooooooooo many (I didn’t get this size by hating food!) – I would probably say for a last meal- I’d have Prime Rib, Baked potato with lots of butter, any Green veggie and all topped off with a Hot Fudge Sunday

What’s your favorite go-to healthy food?

I really do like most Veggies and could not go more than a day or two without some (Favorite is probably a really good salad). For something quick – I really like RX Bars and Fit Aid

If you see Mary Beth around the gym, be sure to tell her congrats on being Athlete of the Month!

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